paper enthusiast!

there is such a wide selection of paper to choose from when it comes to custom stationery! when a client comes to us with the idea in their head of their perfect stationery, paper is always a factor in reaching that ultimate end product. who better to help navigate through styles, textures, and colors than us?


here at ollie designs + papeterie, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. from font selection to graphic layout, we strive to deliver designs that are cohesive from special event invitations to every-day paper goods. our ultimate goal is to tailor an end product that is unique to our clients requests.


our clients are always top priority. we hold high accountability in following our project timelines, in which all clients are given prior to the design process. it allows all parties involved to remain on the same page from start to finish.

time saver

planning a wedding is time-consuming and wedding stationery is a task most couples overlook as something they can take care of themselves. why not take that off the list and leave it to a professional?


wedding stationery is typically 5-10% of a couples wedding budget, hiring a professional stationer ensures their invitations are in good hands. we have the design skills, experience and work with the best printers and suppliers necessary to guarantee clients high-quality luxury stationery.

stress free

we get it. wedding planning can be stressful. couples want unique invitations and shopping around can be a daunting task. that's where we come in! our job is to eliminate that unneeded stress and help clients with their paper good needs.